Those Ni**as

Nigga Please

Cool niggas
Lame niggas
Those niggas,
we know them.

From ’round the block
Down by the shop
Those broke niggas,
We know them.

He selling weed
He high off trees
That nigga in the trap,
I know him.

He went to school
He still a fool
That dumb nigga,
I know him.

Nigga What, Nigga Who (Originator 99)

He got two kids
But one ain’t his
That played nigga,
I know him.

That nigga there,
In the barber’s chair,
With the baby hair
You know him.

He got a job
He on the clock
But he hate his boss,
You know him.

And if any of
these niggas is you,
Then guess what nigga?
I know you too.

This random moment of ratchetness and overuse of the N-word  has been brought to you by me under the lyrical influence and stylings

Niggas in Paris
Niggas in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

of Chief Keef, Future and Travis Porter. Special shout out to Jay-Z and Kanye for being high-class, ballin’ niggas who have inspired (Hey Beyonce) other niggas such as myself to take trips to places like Paris where we can still be niggas. Probably won’t win a Pulitzer for this one but perhaps I can get signed to Brick Squad or Young Money until I can start making G.O.O.D. Music. In the meantime, I’m Tie Tailor and I’m out…swerve responsibly!

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